A walk during a foggy night in Vienna

Yesterday night, we had quite heavy fog in Vienna. After walking with the dog, my dog decided to stay home – but I could not. The mood of fog in a city was just too tempting. It was already approaching 1am, when I started to pack my backbag and left home for a night walk in the city.

Please join me on my nightly trip through my beloved city.


Using the D7000 with the Ai-S 58mm/1.2 Noct

I don’t know why, but today I mounted the old Noct  – one of Nikon’s legendary Nikkor lenses – on my D7000. On my way home – it was already dark – I passed by an old tram garage. A good opportunity to check out how well the legendary lens copes with the modern body.

Please read here the short story and view some photos from this quick encounter.



Causes of reflections

Annoyed about reflections in your images? As I am moving more and more content to my blog, I’ve put together a short article describing some work I did back in 2008 to get a better understanding about this issue. Basically I looked into 6 causes of reflections:

  1. Impact of a filter
  2. How clean is my lens
  3. Impact of lens types
  4. Impact of selected aperture
  5. Position of the light source
  6. Exposure control
    I also included a comparison of 10 lenses with a similar light setup. Just to show the different reflections per lens type.

The tested lenses are:

  1. AFS 14-24mm/2.8G
  2. AFS 17-35mm/2.8
  3. AFS 17-55mm/2.8G (DX)
  4. AF 20-35mm/2.8
  5. AFS 24-70mm/2.8G
  6. AFS 28-70mm/2.8
  7. AFS 18-200mm/3.5-5.6G VR I (DX)
  8. AFS 70-200mm/2.8G Type I
  9. AiS 58mm/1.2 Noct
  10. Zeiss 100mm/2 Macro Planar
    Hope you find the article useful.