Paris – Eiffeltower at night (Nikon D700 & Nikkor AFS 16-35mm/4G VR)

I know, I know. There are thousands of similar and better versions of it on the web. Nevertheless, I wanted to capture MY version of it. I was only a couple of hours in Paris and had only one night. Luckily my hotel was close by. Walked a bit around midnight. Unfortunately, travelling light, I had only a smallish table tripod in my bag (Gitzo GT011 and Gitzo 1175 head). Those familair with this tripod know, that it was never meant to carry the load of a Nikon D700 and AFS 16-35mm/4G VR. Anyway, this is what I had and used it accordingly with all weaknesses like crawling on the ground and avoiding those positions where it would flip over.

It was a cloudy night in Paris, bringing the sky into this familiar orange tone from the city lights. All15 mins the Eiffel tower is presenting itself with a light show in the night (I think until midnight, but not sure).

This is a view from Arc deTriomphe with the Eiffeltower in distance


As said, my mini tripod force me to put it low on the street.. Don’t forget to clear the street before the next green light for the cars.


Getting closer to the tower. Tried out ISO 1600

Seen from the other side. The rough graduations of the clouds behind the tower are due to the limitations of the 8-bit JPEG format. In 14-bit NEF format and printed on the EPSON 4000 it is almost not visible. Nice case for the benefits of 14bit RAW files. Unfortunately, can’t be “proven” with the limitations of the most common internet formats. Please believe me on this one. BTW, the double beams are only for a second there (handover from one light to the other to conclude the 360 degree arc)


The famous additional light on the tower


More photos from this night walk can be found here


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