Essay – D7000 and Ai-S 58mm/1.2 Noct

Many years ago, Nikon introduced one of it’s legendary lenses. The AiS 58mm/1.2 Noct, Famous for it’s special coating and lens design to support night photography. Here you can get  more information about this lens from Nikon. According to the excellent lens database created and maintained by Roland Vink in New Zealand, about 11.500 lenses had been built between 1976 and 1998. If you are interested in this lens please be aware about the 2 different aperture designs – there are versions with 7 blades and 9 blades available.

Tonight, driving home, I passed by an old tram garage in Vienna. It was already dark and some mist came up. A nice opportunity to use the Noct lens on the D7000. This is one of the many new capabilities of the D7000 I like so much. Here, it is the ability to key in the lens data of Ai/AiS lenses to allow metering. The AF module is fast and precise enough to support manual focus with my bad eyesight. I do thing that Nikon’s new AF module is not a bad one (as some people in internet communities claim). ISO was between 800 and 2500.

Please find below some photo’s with this combination of an old lens with a brand new body. People might not consider it, but it is truly astonishing that Nikon maintained the crown jewel of the system – the F-Mount  for such a long time. Kudos and thanks to Nikon for this excellent investment protection for its customers.

Besides the 58mm/1.2 Noct, the  D7000 works very well with some other AiS lenses (i.e. the AiS 180mm2.8 ED). No, I should correct myself. With the 2 lenses above, the D7000 works truly phenomenal. It had less than stellar experiences with the AiS 135mm/2.8, good but not exceptional.



3 Responses to Essay – D7000 and Ai-S 58mm/1.2 Noct

  1. ed hewer says:

    interesting shots. The lack of people gives the pics an otherworldly feel.

    Thanks for posting and enjoyed the history lesson.

  2. Sten Stenvert says:

    With my new D7000 now purchased, and a nice Noct in my collection, I will explore this combination with interest. The Noct has been for me a magic lens, but sometimes difficult to use with digital bodies – focussing can be very difficult. I’m looking forward to this exercise very much.

  3. Pato says:


    The same experience with the Noct 58mm over here… btw: great blog!… and what exactly do You think about the AI / AI-S Nikkor 135mm f:2.8 on DX bodies? … thanks a lot in advance…


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