Nikon V1 Video – Masai Mara

After the first 2 blog entries (part 1 and part 2) with regards to the first experience with the new Nikon System 1, I’d like to share my very first video snippets from the Nikon V1. These are from my recent Masai Mara trip in Kenia. Please note that I am not an avid videographer, rather a beginner in this space – these are just snippets of the video material captured during the 4 days. Need to learn post processing. I used for now the freely available Windows Live Movie Maker and saved the final file in a 1080/30p .wmv format.

If interested in immediate viewing

If you are impatient and don’t mind a downsized version of the vieo, I created a smaller version in 1280×720 resolution (which is the max ) and uploaded it to Vimeo. Click here to get the video.

To get the full size version of the video

If you would like to go beyond the quality limitations of the video service, it is recommended to get the files for download. Due to the size restrictions on many websites and my intent to provide the full video quality of the little camera, I’d like to ask you to download the 4 files from my skydrive share. 

It is about 2 mins long and due to the 1080/30p data stream (24MBit/s) the total file is approx 300 MB. Please follow this link and download all 4 parts of the video and recombine them with WinRAR for local viewing. A smaller DVD version is there as well.


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