The Nikon D Family 1999 – 2011

In case you are not aware, later this week, Nikon might/should/could/will celebrate the 12th anniversary of the announcement of the legendary Nikon D1. Exactly 12 years ago, on june 15th, 1999 after some other attempts and partnerships Nikon started its solid business journey into digital SLRs. The D1 was born.

Since then, Nikon introduced 28 digital SLRs and more than 50 Nikkor lenses.

Please click here to get to the lengthy article commemorating the first 12 years.

I’ve added some group images, which I assume are currently not available elsewhere on the web.



3 Responses to The Nikon D Family 1999 – 2011

  1. Ali says:

    Hi Andy, I’ve read this article for a 3rd time today, and I’d lie your permission to not only to reference your blog on mine, but also ask permission to link to a few of the pictures pictures (Specifically the Timeline, the “Group” shot, and the D7000. I would obviously link back, and attribute properly.

    Thanks in advance M8 for such a great job on this article.

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