Focus issues with fast lenses: Status = solved.

Due to other obligations, I hadn’t updated my blog for a while. Before I start with other stories I’d like to share, I thought to sum up the old story of the fast lenses I started in january.

About 3 months ago, I had this bad experience with the D7000 and the 3 new fast prime lenses (AFS 24mm/1.4, AFS 35mm/1.4 and AFS 85mm/1.4). Images were really bad, when shot wide open. Trying to narrow down the root causes, unfortunately other bodies displayed the same behavior as the D7000. Looked like, it was a bigger issue.

To cut a long story short, after 2 visits at the Nikon Service Point, the problem is now solved. The worst combination I had, was the D7000 with the AFS 24mm/1.4. Blurred images independent of aperture, distance and focus accuracy.

During the second visit, all 3 bodies (D7000, D3X and D3s) and all 3 lenses were adjusted properly. One could argue, that Nikon should have shipped perfect producst from the beginning. My answer to this is :Yes and No. Yes, it would be great to see all components in the image pipeline like AF accuracy, tolerances to progress as well. No, as complex systems are hard to come by, and usually, customers and suppliers are intertwined in their desire to solve issues.

Anyway, after the adjustement, there is no need for any AF finetuning and the lenses and bodies are smoothly working together with very pleasant results.

Thanks Nikon,


2 Responses to Focus issues with fast lenses: Status = solved.

  1. TOM FONG says:

    Hi Andy, thanks for the vast info on the D7000. What was the final solution to the sharp pictures? Was it the combination of having Nikon adjust with both the body and lens together?
    Thanks again
    Tom Fong

    • nikonandye says:

      It was both. The AF of the D7000 was within factory specs , but the variance within the spec caused to provide a subtle blur on all pictures shot wide open with slower lenses (like f2.8). With f1.4 lenses it became very visible. All 3 bodies had been adjusted, and I will sent the remaining bodies to the same NSP team for adjustment as well. The AFS 24mm was misaligned, as it exhibited severe problems with all bodies. The good thing about the current situation is that I don’t need any AF finetuning in any combination to achive the desired accuracy – which was the reason for this bigger than normal effort.

      You read in my tone, that I had a very productive encounter with Nikon on this, as I do not expect that complex products at the edge of innovation HAVE to function properly allways and everywhere. Problems can occur, unfortunately I was hit as well, but this is now history, which is fine for me.


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