For Nikkor and Lens Geeks – Pierre Toscani’s Website

Once in a while, something really surprising happens. It happend to me a couple of days ago. In a discussion at about 80-200mm/2.8 zoom lenses a new member (in his very first post) responded to my contribution and pointed in a very humble tone to his website. Indicating that he did some analysis on these Nikkor lenses. This person is Pierre Toscani.

Following his link, a website opens up, which can easily be considered the most beautifully made summary, description, explanation on lens design choices and the way the system works I have ever seen. On a more general note, an attempt to explain the concepts of focal length and magnification is there as well. A very successful one, imho.

Your assessment might vary, but in my view Pierre did a tremendous job in scanning through a range of Nikon patents, explain in easy terms the concepts Nikon engineers used in their design choices and put significant effort in creating a visually exciting presentation.

3 articles are available in english, and for those who are well versed in french some more articles are there as well.

  1. on focal length and magnification
  2. on telephoto zooms (80-200mm/2.8 range and 200-400mm/4 range)
  3. on fisheye lenses

I appreciated the work Bjorn Roslett did with all the tests on Nikkor lenses in the past, read Tom Hogan’s articles with interest in the early days. Together with Roland Vink’s Nikkor database, both are still considered solid pillars in any  Nikon oriented photo enthusiast’s journey for more information. From my POV, Pierre’s work deserves to be treated as another great authentic resource with original content (not a rehash) on the web for those who are interested in Nikkor lenses.

Pierre, many many thanks for sharing the results of your work on the web!

(and please continue this great series …..)