Update #3: Focus issues with pro-lenses

Just a quick note.

Nikon support wrote today, that they could not reproduce the (lack of) quality of the images like my D7000 and the AFS lenses I submitted via some NEF files showed. For me this is good news. Of course I have to bring my gear to the next Nikon service point, but this does not matter. Important to me is the fact, that it seems to be a sample variation or calibration issue. In an ideal world, everything would have been perfect from the beginning, forever and always. C’ome on. Understanding that people are assembling the cameras and lenses, errors are inevitable – a fact of life. Can be fixed, I assume.

It would have been way worse, if Nikon’s investigation would have identified that this is the performance “by design” – nothing to do about.

So Nikon, please calibrate my gear and you still have a happy user in your camp.



2 Responses to Update #3: Focus issues with pro-lenses

  1. Parker says:

    I’ve got the same problem with my D300 and the 24mm 1.4G. Focus at far distances, even 20 feet away, is bad. Up close, within a few feet, focus is accurate. Same lens on my D700 has no problems at any distance.

    • nikonandye says:

      If this is clear for you that the D300 has some issues, I’d recommend that you send the lens and the body in. I did the same and have no issues since then.

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