D7000 – blurred wide open images with fast pro-lenses

After some inital issues, I’ve enjoyed using the D7000 as a kind of sidekick camera. Small, compact and líghtweight, the D7000 is able to produce decent images, sometimes even superb images.

I was interested how the D7000 would perform with Nikon’s recently introduced fast pro-lenses – the AFS 24mm/1.4G, the AFS 35mm/1.4G and the AFS 85mm/1.4G.  I thought – excellent.

This was my believe – and I was wrong. Severely wrong.

Please read here the article. I will update it accordingly, when I’ll get a response from Nikon’s support team on my issue.


D7000, AF-S 24mm/1.4G, 100% crop, @ f1.4 – not even close to what I expected

6 Responses to D7000 – blurred wide open images with fast pro-lenses

  1. Luiz Kamnitzer says:

    Use Live View to focus (with zoom if on tripod) and you will be surprised… 100% good focus.
    This happens on the D3x & D3s also.


  2. I found the same issue with the D7000 and the 18 to 105 kit lens as well as the 50 mm 1.8 prime lens. Not sharp or clear enough when compared to my my point and shoot canon 110SX. I used a tripod, low iso, lots of light. It I am trying to find something on the web that addresses this problem.

    • nikonandye says:

      Your “problem” seem to be more related on the settings of the respective JPEG (software) engines. P&S have usually much more “aggressive” settings as default. If you can create reproducible images with your camera showing to Nikon support technicans that something is not working correctly and they will fix it. FYI, this article was written before I sent my stuff to Nikon. In the meantime, I got it back and the D7000 is now working flawless.


  3. i’m having this same issue with my d7000. any resolution yet?

    • nikonandye says:

      was a bit more than expected.
      No 1 issue was: defocussed lenses (partially replaced, partially aligned)
      No 2 issue: AF module was checked, replaced and aligned (D7000, same for D3s and D3x)
      No 3 issue: Af module was checked and aligned for other cameras (D3, D700, D300, D300s)
      Currently things are fine.
      Hope, yours can be solved as well,

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