Blog started. The way forward.

Dear readers,

Those first 10 days of my blog was an interesting exercise to get this long standing idea started. It was of course a significant effort, but nevertheless a lot of fun as well. Please don’t forget, that this site is a pure hobby site. It is not (ab)used for generating advertising revenues or other financial income streams. My intention is to maintain this site as long as I enjoy creating content for it. Given that my day job in a different field is very demanding (at least it seems to me …), I will not be able to keep the posting cadence of the initial first days, which was largley possible that I spent some night hours during my x-mas holidays. Tomorrow, I am back to work ….

I do have some other material in deposit for the future and depending on interest and my time availability, I will contine to add articles and content at a slower pace going forward. For instance, similar to the D7000 review, I did a similar article for the P7000, or some computer related articles. Some lens and body comparisons are in the wings as well. Some stuff need to be newly created, some other need only be translated. This site is not intended to be run as a news aggregator, or a rumor mill. I will predominately write about stuff I do have personal experience with, or are able to cover it because I have access to it.

Please do not forget, that I am not a pro photographer, with seemingly hundreds of years experience, who is able to spend the majority of his time building up knowledge in this field. I love this hobby, it is not my only one (but my favorite), but there is another family and professional life around, which is hugely important to me. It’s all about balance to keep enjoying things longtime.

With that, I thank those first readers (10.000 page views, based on wordpress stats) sincerely, who visited my small project site  in these first 10 days. I really appreciate your level of interest and look forward to walk our mutual journey with this wonderful hobby together.

with kind regards to the global Nikon and photo community,


3 Responses to Blog started. The way forward.

  1. Hari says:


    Thanks for the blog.


  2. Hallo Andy, ich finde es sehr gut und richtig, dass Du bloggst. Deine vielen und so wertvollen Erkenntnisse und Beitraege sind an so vielen Stellen im Web verstreut, und ob Du es willst oder nicht, Du bist eine Nikon-Koriphae. Ich hoffe das Blog macht Dir viel Spass und wird zur Sammelstelle Deines Wissens.

    • nikonandye says:

      Servus Alexander,
      vielen Dank für Dein Lob.

      Na ja, irgendwann hat der Netzwerkeffekt rund um das Nikon Bajonett zugeschlagen und sich die eine oder andere Kamera und ein paar Objektive in meine Tasche verirrt.
      Die Idee zum Blog gab es schon lange, nur die Umsatzung ließ auf sich warten. Du bist mir mit Deinem Blog ja ein halbes Jahr voraus 🙂

      Es ist zwar etwas aufwendiger, es in English zu schreiben, aber das ist nun mal seit Beginn die Sprache des Internets und zunehmend die globale Kommunikationssprache.

      Für den Start bin ich meine Posts in diversen Foren – so wie dem NFF – durchgegangen und wie Du hier siehst, stammen einige der Artikel aus diesen “alten” Zeiten (des letzten Jahres).

      Liebe Grüße und bis bald im NFF,

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