D7000 – Video mode is temperature sensitive

I am currently in the mountains. I used the camera (D7000) during New Years night to video capture some rockets. Ambient temperature was about –10 degrees (approx. 14 degree Fahrenheit). Only later, when I tried to watch the video on my PC, it became evident that my copy of the D7000 was not able to record any video at this temperature.

Next day, at around  zero degree (32F) –> null problemo.

I am fully aware that the official temp range of the D7000 according to Nikon is between 0 and 40 degrees (32 – 104F). I am not blaming Nikon for anything with this behavior of the D7000. It is just interesting that the consumer cameras can record still images well below their spec, but don’t do so with video mode. Same chip, same electronics – different behavior,

Tonight, the temperature was even lower. –20 degree Celsius (-4 F) – a bit chilly. After two hours out there, rather very chilly.

This time I switched the video mode to the smallest version (640×400), checking if the camera had only issues with the full resolution mode. Battery was full. But no. my copy recorded lots of artifacts. To me, they look like software artifacts. It was absolute no problem to shoot still photography with the camera – it worked flawless. BTW, I also did a long time exposure shot (4 minutes) and due to the excellent power consumption, the battery went only 2% down. Which is way better than the other Nikon bodies I have experience with.

The D3s video mode worked flawlessly. The D3100 joined the D7000 and stopped working at this temperature. getting the camera’s back into normal temp ranges restores the video mode immediately. Would be great, if others could either confirm this or report their better experience in this temp range,

I did not want to upload a crappy video to youtube, but you can download it from here (8 MB)

Capturing photos was easy, but cold. D7000, AFS 70-200mm/2.8 VR II, 8 sec, f8

It doesn’t come across with 640×400 pixel images, how well the D7000 performs. The image resolution and graduation is excellent. Don’t want to post the huge original image in here, but for those interested, a 100% crop is included below. (To find: About middle top-down and 1/3 on the left)

Take away: If it is cold and you have have a D7000 like mine, take pictures – you will enjoy it. leave the video mode for summer ….



2 Responses to D7000 – Video mode is temperature sensitive

  1. burstmode says:

    video doesn’t interest me much except for certain sporting events. I love the yellow in the second image.

  2. ed hewer says:

    The only problem I see is your winters are to cold.

    Thanks for another post. Visiting from Fred Miranda. Slug69

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