Dear friend/guest/visitor/community fellow/reader,

you are visiting my new blog site – a project I was tinkering with for a while.  Like many people, I was visiting different fora to capture, learn and participate in discussions about a beautiful hobby I enjoy so much – photography.  This site is intended to preserve some of those contributions from different places to facilitate my own collection of knowledge. I also wanted to change the way I spend my time in the web, assuming that this site will grow in content over time. Intended primarily as a personal repository, it is of course open to any interested reader as well.

again, you are more than welcomed,


Please respect that all work and photos published in this blog are covered by the Creative Commons license (Attribution and Non-Commercial)


One Response to Welcome

  1. birdkai says:

    hai there, i got some question and need your answer. i found your review and perspective is interesting and suits my experience from d7000. the problem im having is that i found d7000 perform rather weak with the 18-105 kit lens. in an accident occasion, someone is willing to buy this lens and since i don’t satisfy from the result, im going to sell it. the lens left with me is 50mm f1.8d. if i sell those lens, i’ve lost the lens to capture wide angle, and im interested with 35mm f1.8g. my budget is around 300us only. should i get a second hand 18-55mm kit lens or buy 35mm f1.8g instead? im fine with prime lens, i love 50mm very much but sometimes it is too tight.

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