First Impressions with the D7000

This posting is a rough translation of several comments I wrote in diverse internet fora about my first impressions with the D7000. The camera arrived on Nov 5th and in the following 3 weeks, I’ve basically “blogged” in the german NFF forum about my experiences with the newly introduced camera. Others from the english speaking community asked about a translated version of this. A good opportunity to start my small project over here. I love to learn and I love to share. Maybe some people find the content useful.

With that, enjoy my first article about the D7000, (watch out it is rather long)



Dear friend/guest/visitor/community fellow/reader,

you are visiting my new blog site – a project I was tinkering with for a while.  Like many people, I was visiting different fora to capture, learn and participate in discussions about a beautiful hobby I enjoy so much – photography.  This site is intended to preserve some of those contributions from different places to facilitate my own collection of knowledge. I also wanted to change the way I spend my time in the web, assuming that this site will grow in content over time. Intended primarily as a personal repository, it is of course open to any interested reader as well.

again, you are more than welcomed,


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